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In this you will have a brief description about Senior Secondary classes services.

Home Tutor provider in raipur

Thinkify Raipur is strategically established to offer an unparalleled tutoring service in Raipur, Chhattisgarh, dedicated to assisting students in finding a tutor tailored to their specific needs. Our emphasis on Home or Private Tutoring provides students with a personalized approach to enhance their skills and knowledge. Functioning as a comprehensive tutoring service provider, we serve as a one-stop solution for both students and tutors, ensuring a streamlined educational experience. We are committed to hiring highly qualified teachers to guarantee optimal results, making home tutoring cost-effective, convenient, and flexible in scheduling.

Our tutoring services extend to Senior Secondary classes encompassing 11th and 12th grades. Recognizing the critical importance of these classes, we provide tutors catering to various subjects, offering specialized assistance for students’ weaker areas. For classes 11th and 12th, we tailor our tutoring services to meet the specific subject requirements of each student, offering expertise in fields such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, economics, accountancy, business studies, English, Hindi, humanities, and more.

With a particular focus on class 12th students, we understand that their scores hold significant implications for their future endeavors. To ensure their success, we provide special attention, conducting regular tests on a monthly or weekly basis. We present comprehensive monthly progress reports to parents, fostering transparency and allowing them insight into their child’s academic journey. Our ultimate goal is to earn the trust of parents with their child’s results, emphasizing our commitment to providing exceptional tutoring services.

As a trusted tutoring service provider, Thinkify Raipur strives to empower students in Senior Secondary classes by offering tailored educational support, personalized attention, and transparent communication with parents.



You can contact us in many ways:

  • Call us at 077122222.
  • Visit our website thinkifyryp.com and fill the student register form.
  • You can visit our nearest office for counselling.
  • You can also leave a message through our website thinkifyryp.com.

Fees depends upon the time we give to them and it will be affordable so that every one can afford it.

Yes, we do. We will completely prepare them according to the syllabus. The teacher which will be appointed to them will make sure to complete the whole syllabus and help them to understand the way to write exam during there boards.

Yes, we do. The teacher we provide will be qualified. Our minimum criteria is graduation. You should not get worried regarding the education of the teacher. Our policy is to provide you the best and qualified teacher to ensure best results.

Yes, we do. We have refund policy but it will agreed on the terms of certain conditions. We will firstly check all the things according to the the agreement and then we will take decision.

Timing will be flexible it will totally depends upon the parents. Classes will be of 1 hour or 1 hour 30 minutes. If you want to increase or decrease it will be totally your call.

Home Tutor provider in raipur

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