Home Tutor provider in raipur


Thinkify Raipur is a tutoring service provider
which provides Highly educated teachers to your home.

24/7 Support

We provide 24/7 support to both student and teacher.

Online & Offline available

We provide both online offline tutoring service.

Safe Enviroment

We ensure safety of the student and the teacher.

Free Counselling

We provide free counselling service to the parents so that they can get a clear view with no doubts.

Near your locality

We provide teacher near your locality to avoid traffic.

Personalised Attention

Every student is important to us. Personal teachers are appointed.

Affordable Fees

Fees are very reasonable so that every individual can afford it.

Monthly/Weekly Test

Test are conducted monthly/weekly so that parents know about the children's growth.

Highly Qualified Teachers

We believe in quality education so we hire highly educated and experienced teachers.

Tutoring service available for classes!

As a leading tutoring service provider, we offer a comprehensive range of tutoring services, catering to diverse educational needs. Our extensive pool of tutors covers a wide spectrum of classes and subjects, ensuring that students receive the best possible assistance. Our tutoring services encompass:

  1. Nursery, PP-1/KG-1, PP-2/KG-2, Class-1 to Class-10: We provide qualified tutors for all academic subjects at the primary and secondary school levels.

  2. Class-11 and Class-12 (PCM, PCB, Commerce, Arts): Specialized tutors are available for students pursuing different streams, including PCM, PCB, Commerce, and Arts.

  3. Subject-Specific Tutors: For those seeking assistance in specific subjects, our tutoring services include expert teachers dedicated to individual subjects.

  4. Extra-curricular Activities: We extend our tutoring services to cover a range of extracurricular activities, including Music, Dance, Art and Craft, Yoga, and more.

Our commitment as a tutoring service provider goes beyond merely connecting students with tutors. We conduct regular seminars every 1 or 2 months to keep students and parents informed about new courses and updates in the educational landscape. Recognizing the evolving nature of the world, we strive to ensure our clients stay up to date with the latest advancements.

We understand that the relationship between parents, students, and teachers is crucial. To address any concerns, we actively resolve issues and maintain transparency. If a parent is dissatisfied with a teacher’s performance, we guarantee a replacement within 48 hours. Similarly, if a teacher faces an unsuitable environment or any form of misconduct, prompt actions will be taken.

At our core, we aim to be more than just a tutoring service provider. We are committed to fostering a supportive educational environment, ensuring that both students and teachers thrive in their respective roles.

Home Tutor provider in raipur
Home Tutor provider in raipur

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